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LearningPoint LLC  is a company established by a master teacher in search of using quality apps to aid in instruction. With over 18 years of exerience in a Title 1 elementary school, the founder of LearningPoint LLC, is familiar with best practices and the current pedagogy in education.

LearningPoint LLC has the solutions for technology use in the classroom.

As more students get personal devices, the more frustrating the process can become for the teacher to include technology in the classroom. Many are frustrated with a plethora of apps that are more fun than instructional. No more trying to find apps to tailor to your instructional needs. The apps created by LearningPoint LLC are specialized to be used by teachers in the classroom during language arts and other content areas with students. With apps like Read2Grasp ™ and Qufeedbk ™, teachers can finally have the tools necessary to compliment their teaching in the classroom and continue using best practices

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